Activities of IYF Vrindavan (July)


posted on 11 August 2017

In the month of July ,The ISKCON Vrindavan Youth Forum, a department of Krishna Balaram Mandir conducting courses and programs for preaching to the youth, has successfully preached to a number of young boys and girls, giving them an insight into spiritual life.  The transcendental knowledge that Srila Prabhupad has so mercifully bestowed upon us, is being further spread to the younger generation through these youth programs being conducted by H.G. Sureshwar prabhu and H.G. Chaitanya rupini mataji. A five day course named Gitasar, an introduction to Shrimad Bhagvad Gita, was conducted during the month, in which more than 80 young girls from Sandipani muni school where given discourses by senior devotees like H.G. Radhakund mataji, H.G. Daivishakti mataji, H.G. Pran Govinda prabhu, H.G. Kamalakanta prabhu, H.G. Shubhatma prabhu and others.  The students were encouraged to chant Japa in the Samadhi and were also taught a Vaishnava bhajan. The course weas concluded by awarding all the students a certificate for their participation in the event. On each Sunday of the month, a number of students were given spiritual discourses to enlighten them for their spiritual progress.  In this way the Iskcon youth forum has taken a few more steps in this bygone month of July towards the goal of educating the younger generation about the science of Bhakti, so that all these young children can make their lives sublime and full of bliss by taking up this most wonderful process of Krishna consciousness under the guidance of the followers of Srila Prabhupad.


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