Krishnangan (Inter School Art and Debut competition)


posted on 12 August 2017

Krishnangan, an Inter-school arts and debate competition, has been held in Iskcon Vrindavan for the last two consecutive years, inviting various schools from around Mathura and Vrindavan, to come and participate in the event. On the 10th of august, the second program was conducted in the Balaram hall, in the auspicious presence of senior devotees like H.G. Panchagauda prabhu, H.H. Janardan Maharaj, H.G.Mukunda datta prabhu, H.G. Radhashyamsundar prabhu, H.G. Mahadevi mataji, H.G.Radhakund mataji, and others. The main purpose of conducting such a programs is to actually invoke thoughts, directing one towards spiritual life, in the participants and their accompanying teachers, to which end, the arts competitors were given the task to paint the temples of Shri Vrindavan and the Holy river Yamuna, and the debate contestants were requested to express their thoughts on the topics, ‘Character building- the essence of education’ and ‘Does God exist?’. Seeing the enthusiastic response from the schools and their eagerness to participate was truly enlivening and as a result, on the 10th ,the temple devotees got the opportunity to host students and teachers from approximately 10 different schools, who had all put in their efforts in preparing themselves well for the event. After receiving the schools in Balaram hall, they were taken around the temple to take Darshan of the most exquisitely beautiful Lords Shri Shri Gaur Nitai, Shri Shri Krishna Balaram and Shri Shri Radha Shyamsundar. The students were also taken to the Samadhi of Shrila Prabhupad, to pay their respects there, for it is only with the mercy of Shrila Prabhupad that we are all fortunate enough to be here in Shridham Vrindavan, conducting a program that instills thoughts of spirituality in the minds of the participants. After reassembling in the hall, H.G. Mahadevi mataji inaugurated the program by offering a garland and her pranams to Shrila Prabhupad, after which the arts students were directed to the temple hall, where amidst the melodious chanting of the holy names of the lords, the students painted the various temples and scenes of the Yamuna. In the meantime, back in the Balaram hall, the competitors for the debate competition came one after another and presented their views in the form of very dynamic and powerful arguments proving their points of views, coating many different inspirational shlokas and quotes from various sources. After the completion of the competitions, the esteemed chief guest of the occasion, Mrs. Vinay Sharma, the principal of Kanha Makhan Public School, spoke a few words. The occasion was then blessed with the words of H.G. Panchagauda prabhu, H.H. Janardan maharaj and H.G. Radhashyamsundar prabhu. Following the inspirational words of spiritual wisdom spoken by the guests, a small Kirtan led by H.G. Panchagauda prabhu was performed and all the students and teachers joyfully joined in. Thereafter the results of the competitions were declared and gifts and certificats were given to the winners as well as to all the other participants and teachers who had come for the event. In this way, the books of Shrila Prabhupad were distributed to the assembled participants, to encourage them to broaden their spiritual understanding and take a step forward in their spiritual lives. Thereafter Prashadam was distributed to all the contestants and accompanying teachers. All the present participants were really appreciative of the program and the hospitality put forward by the devotees organizing the program. In this way, the 2nd Krishnangan, inter-school arts and debate competition, was successfully completed and was able to preach to the participants the message of Shrila Prabhupad.

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