Bhaktivedanta Hospice now transformed to Bhaktivedanta Hospital

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The Bhaktivedanta Hospice, situated on the parikrama marg about 10 minutes away from Sri Sri Krishna Balaram Mandir, is a place where palliative care is given to terminally ill devotees who desire to spend the remainder of their lives in Sridham Vrindavan, the holy abode of the Lord where the spiritual potency can still be strongly felt. Along with their health being taken care of, they are offered all possible spiritual, emotional and mental support to ease their discomfort and facilitate peaceful passing away from this world. Started by the inspiration of H.H. Giriraj Maharaj, who desired to facilitate terminally ill devotees wanting to leave their bodies in Vraja while being cared for medically and spiritually, it is being currently directed by Dr. Santosh Chaudhary(H.G. Sachi Prana Prabhu) and the majority of the managerial and medical staff consists of devotees with wonderful service attitude, desiring to serve and care for other vaishnavas.

Now, after having served as a hospice facility for many years, it is expanding into being a well equipped hospital to provide good medical facilities at a reasonable price to devotees and Vrajavasis. Medical facilities are generally very costly and therefore, to provide good facilities at cheap prices, the Bhaktivedanta Hospice is now transforming into Bhaktivedanta Hospital with the hospice facilities continuing as well. These medical facilities are also provided free of cost to Sanyasis and senior devotees in Iskcon.

Taking into consideration the present requirement of a Covid wing, completely dedicated to the efficient, safe and quick recovery of covid patients, the hospital has arranged for the needful and is currently open to treating covid patients free of cost.

But what differentiates this hospital from other hospitals is that the doctors and staff strive to not only cure or assist with the ailments of the body but also cultivate Krishna Consciousness in the patients. The devotees who go there are enlivened by the presence of Srila Prabhupad right in the centre of the establishment and the regular devotional activities taking place there and the new comers, who are not well informed about spiritual life, are taught about Krishna Consciousness.

This shift from Hospice to Hospital was celebrated on the 31st of May with a small ceremony, kirtan and Prasad with the hospital staff and a few devotees from our temple including, H.G. Pancagauda Prabhu (temple president), H.G. Srutakirti Prabhu(acbsp), H.G. Narataki Mataji(acbsp) and H.G. Jai Nitai Prabhu(devotee care incharge).

This is a wonderful facility now available to everyone in Vrindavan and that too at a reasonable price and with an atmosphere based on spiritual understanding and a mood of serving the devotees. We hope and pray that all remain healthy in their service to the Lord but whenever such medical facilities may be required, we request all the devotees to use the facilities at the Bhaktivedanta Hospital.