The four dangerous contaminations

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By the mercy of Srila Prabhupad and the previous Gaudiya Vaishnava Acharyas, today, innumerable people are taking to the sublime process of chanting the Holy names of Sri Krishna, which is the Yuga Dharma in this age of Kali. Despite chanting the all purifying names of Swayam Bahgwan Sri Krishna, the awakening of pure love of Godhead in the hearts of the practicing jivas is not easily accomplished due to the presence of certain contaminations in the heart of the living entity. These contaminations have been explained by Srila Bhakti Vinod Thakur in his book Sri bhajan Rahasya:

māyā-mugdha jīvera anartha catuṣṭaya
asat-tṛṣṇā- hṛdaya-daurbalya viṣa-maya
aparādha svarūpa-vibhrama ei cāri
jāhāte saṁsāra baddha vipatti vistāri

The jiva bewildered by Maya is under the influence of four contaminations: Hankering for things temporary and unreal; weakness of the heart and mind,which is most poisonous; offenses; and bewilderment about one’s own identity.

The presence of these four contaminations is the primary reason behind the inability to experience true prema despite chanting the holy names of the Lord. If we carefully examine our own current situation, we shall be able to realise that the heart is full of desires to attain different sorts of material comforts, which are all nothing but temporary and unreal. Weakness of the heart and mind causes the lack of determination, to perform activities favourable to Bhakti and to relinquish all that is unfavourable to the cultivation of devotion to the Lord. The various types of Aparadhas such as Naam aparadh, dham aparadh, vaishnava aparadh and seva aparadh are like mad elephants that completely destroy the creeper of Bhakti in the heart of the Sadhaka. And ultimately, until and unless one is situated in Sambandha jnan, or the knowledge of one’s true identity and relationship with the Lord, and one continues to falsely think of this body to be the self and the paraphernalia and relations relating to the body to belong to the self, one cannot make progress on the path of devotion. It is, therefore, of utmost importance that we try our best and fervently pray to the Lord to purify us of these contaminations, so that we may be able to make progress on the path of Spiritual realisation.