Glories unto the inhabitants of the forests of Vrindavan

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Glories unto the buzzing bees of Vrindavan

who roam about the lotus feet of Madhav

thinking them to be fragrant lotus flowers

desiring to drink the nectar sought after by the great devotees


Glories unto the does and dears of Vrindavan

who lick the butter-soft sapphire hued limbs of Gopinath

looking at him with unblinking eyes full of love

Considering him to be their dear-most object of affection


Glories unto the beautiful peacocks of Vrindavan

whose feathers Krishna wears in his artistically fashioned turban

Seeing Megha-Shyam they start to dance in great jubilation

Spreading out their feathers and giving great delight to the beholders of the sight


Glories unto the surabhi cows of Vrindavan

who are looked after with great love by Gopal himself

who nourish and satisfy Krishna with their delicious milk

their mows fill the four directions at dusk and thus herald the returning of Krishna


Glories unto the mischievous monkeys of Vrindavan

accomplices in Krishna’s pastimes of stealing butter

headed by Krishna’s pet monkey dadhilobha

they induce various rasas like laughter, anger and so on in the Vrajavasis


Glories unto all the inhabitants of the forests of Vrindavan

participants in the sweet lilas of lilanidhi Shyamsundar

without them the pastimes would be incomplete

for they greatly delight the divine couple and the other Vrajavasis