Don’t go to the banks of the Yamuna

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O my dear friend, don’t go to the banks of the Yamuna

A particular dark complexioned youth stands there

In a threefold bending pose with a mischievous smile

You will lose your heart and not come back from there


O my dear friend, don’t ever look upon that hero named Krishna

Playing upon his flute, emanating a sound which captivates the heart

His sidelong glances will steal your peace of mind and render you mad

You will forget all about your family responsibilities and that shall just be the start


O my dear friend, certainly don’t let him make you drink the nectar of his lips

tasting which you shall never find pleasure in anything else in your life

and withholding you from tasting more of that nectar, he shall torment you

And thus you shall make the forest groves your residence and forget the way home


Therefore, O my dear friend, don’t go to the banks of the Yamuna

For there the thief of the Gopis hearts is standing under a Kadamba tree

Waiting for simple and naive cowherd maidens like you, to capture them

And hold them within his heart and perform various amorous pastimes with them