Sponsor Flower Decorations during Festivals

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With Their soft flower-petal hands Sri Radha-Krsna carefully watered the trees and vines from the time of their first sprouting. They nourished them and made them grow and, at the proper time, married each vine to an appropriate tree. When They saw new flowers beginning to blossom, They became delighted and spoke many playful joking words. Let us bow down and offer our respectful obeisances to these trees and vines of Vrndavana forest. (Sataka 2, verse 11)

Sridham Vrindavan, the topmost abode of the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna, highest even amongst the Vaikuntha planets, is most opulent, where each and every speck of dust is cintamani, completely capable of fulfilling all the desires of the residents of that most glorious realm. The banks of the rivers and ponds are studded with precious jewels, the residences of all the associates of the Lords are made of the best marble and inlaid with precious stones, the sitting platforms beneath the wish fulfilling trees are made of rubies, emeralds, lapis lazulis and moonstones and the very ground is strewn with gems. No one is in need of anything, for everything is ever present for their service. All the cowherd boys and girls, along with their cows and bulls, are all decorated with the finest gold, silver and pearl ornaments. Srimati Yashoda devi also decorates her darling son Krishna with numerous precious ornaments when he leaves home for grazing the cows in the pasturing grounds of Vraja.

Govinda, however, takes them all off and instead wears garlands and other ornaments made out of the forest flowers growing in Vraja. His friends and the gopis prepare various intricately designed and fragrant flower ornaments for him, which he prefers over the opulent jewel studded ornaments that he wears from home. The Gopis also take pleasure meeting Krishna in the flowering groves of Vrindavan. Decorating themselves with various flowers like juhi, chameli, bela, malati, kadamba and many other such fragrant flowers, they perform various pastimes with the Lord of their lives Sri Vanamali, the one who wears a Vanamala, or a forest flower Garland. As stated in the verse above from Sri Vrindavan Mahimamrtia, the divine couple, Sri Sri Radha Shyamsundar, take great pleasure in watering and caring for the vines and trees of Vraja, thus establishing the supremacy of the natural beauty and Madhurya of Vraja over the Aishwarya.

Keeping the same mood, all the altars at our Krishna Balaram Mandir are profusely decorated with flower garlands on all the festivals and the temple hall is also decorated with flowers and leaves, bringing forth the feeling of Vraja. Gerberas, orchids, carnations, roses, bella, tuberose and various other colorful and beautiful flowers are used to decorate the altars and the Temple hall, making it appear like a flowering groove of Vrindavan. Thousands upon thousands of flowers are used for the pleasure of the Lord, as we all know that seeing these flowers certainly gives great pleasure to Nikunjviharini Srimati Radhika and Vrindavan Bihari Sri Shyamsundar. It is also certain that we will be performing various services like caring for the flowering creepers of Vraja, picking flowers and stringing garlands and various other ornaments for the pleasure of the King and Queen of Vraja, once we achieve are perfected spiritual forms as the associates of the Lord in Golok Vrindavan. In our current situation also, as a sadhaka on the path of Bhakti, we can render service in the form of sponsoring the flower decorations in the temple on any of the festivals and thus give pleasure to the Lords. Those who feel inspired to serve the Lord in the form of arranging for the flower decorations in the temple can contact us at info@iskconvrindavan.com and choose a day when they would like to render this beautiful service.