A puppet in the hands of Maya

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O My Lord! I’ve danced enough, since time immemorial, as a puppet in the hands of your illusory energy, Maya. I’ve committed all sorts of sins with the desire to Lord it over the material world, but all I’ve come across is unending distress and pain. The mirage of material happiness has made me work hard like donkeys and yet no good came out of all the hard work. What is most distressful is that even after being tossed to and fro in the endless waves of material sufferings, I am still attached to the abominable material body made of blood, bones, stool, urine, puss and other contaminated substances, considering it to be my very own self. I hold dear all that is related to this temporary body and consider them to be mine, even though they are all sources of unlimited pain and remorse. Although still completely entangled in the self created web of miseries, I have understood, by the mercy of your dear devotees, that you are the only shelter for all suffering souls. Therefore, I implore you to kindly accept me at your lotus feet and free me from the entanglements of this temporary and distressful material world. Even though I am unqualified, My Lord, impelled by your own merciful nature, please pick me up form this regretful condition and give me a place at your divine Lotus feet. I offer mind, body and words, my entire self, along with all my shortcomings, at your lotus feet. Please purify me of my fallen condition and, instating me in my original position as Gopi bhartur pada kamalayor das das anudas(servant of the servant of the servant of the beloved of the Gopis), make me worthy of your service. I am incapable, but You are all powerful. O My dear Shyamsundar, let all my material desires burn up in separation from you and grant upon me the service to the Lotus feet of your most beloved Srimati Radhika. That is my only prayer at your divine lotus feet.