Absorption in Krishna

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When will my eyes behold your beautiful form
Knowing it to be the embodiment of all sweetness

When will my ears be engaged in hearing your glories
Considering all else to be like the cawing of crows

When will my nose smell the fragrant tulsi at your lotus feet
Resenting the stench of all other material odours

When will my tongue develop taste for Krishna naam and prasad
Considering all other supposed delicacies to be like poison

When will my hands be engaged in serving your Vigraha and Vaishnavas
Giving up all activities unrelated to the service of your lotus feet

When will my legs take me to the places where you performed sweet pastimes
For it is better to be lame than misusing them for any other purpose

When will my mind be absorbed in the glories of your names, forms and pastimes
Forgetting the dualities of this temporary material world and all that pertains to it

When will my heart overflow with unconditional transcendental loving sentiments for you
Cnsidering you and your dearmost beloved Srimati Radhika and her Sakhis to be my very life and soul