Activities of ISKCON Vrindavan Youth forum in the month of February

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Packing 50 Bhagawat Gita’s, a bag of masks for those who may need, pens as rewards, samosas for distribution and all equipment needed for the presentation, the 3-4  members of the IYF Vrindavan team get into a  vehicle and off they go to one of the schools in the villages of Vraja. If not too far, then an auto rickshaw will do but if the school is far then a car would need to be booked. Loading everything in the vehicle, they start their journey to the school, which at times is off in some remote village where the roads are bumpy making the ride uncomfortable.

Despite their age and the discomfort caused by the roads, these elderly devotees, the soldiers of Srila Prabhupad’s Sankirtan army, waging war against the advancing age of Kali, take this rare gift of Krishna consciousness to the younger generation around Vraja. The influence of this age has not spared even the holy land of Vraja, for those living on the covering of the dham are very much affected by the degradation of the society in general, and this makes it even more important to spread Krishna consciousness amongst the younger generation of this area, so that the sanctity and spiritual atmosphere of the dham may be maintained.

This month, the IYF Vrindavan team went and conducted programs in the Dhanuka School in Vrindavan, Sri Govindajee Inter College in Mathura, Sri Govind Saraswati Inter college in Baklanagar and Madan Mohan inter. They distributed Bhagawat Gita’s to all the students and teachers, gave lectures discussing the transcendental subject matters of Bhagawat Gita, distributed Prasad and encouraged everyone to participate in the congregational chanting of the holy names of the Lord. In this way, they are performing the extremely important service of spreading the glories and message of the Lord in every nook and corner or Vraja.

By conducting such wonderful preaching activities, the IYF Vrindavan team is sure to please Srila Prabhupad and our Guru Parampara. We request all the vaishnavas to send their prayers and blessings so that we may continue in our endeavors. For further information about the activities of IYF Vrindavan and to support our programs, please write to