All glories to Shyamsundar

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All glories to the lotus feet of Shyamsundar
The abode of all auspiciousness
The destroyers of material miseries
More glorious than a host of Red lotuses
Softer than freshly churned butter

All glories to the hips of Shyamsundar
Covered with a splendid yellow dhoti
wrapped with a colorful sash
encircled by a belt to tinkling small bells
bent gracefully like an expert dancer

All glories to the chest of Shyamsundar
Upon which the Kaustubha gem rests
Broad, strong and marked with Srivatsa
the abode of the goddess of fortune
embraced tightly by the Gopis of Vraja

All glories to the arms and hands of Shyamsundar
Adorned with brilliant bracelets
Holding the flute to his lips
granting benedictions to his devotees
locking Sri Radha in their embrace

All glories to the lotus face of Shyamsundar
putting to shame millions of moons
adorned with a gentle smile
decorated with his restless eyes
bordered by his curling locks