An unusual visit and the greatest wealth bestowed

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There once lived a pious brahmana in South India who was extremely poor and could barely make ends meet. On one occasion he heard about the glories of Lord Jagannathan, the Lord of the Universe, and decided to go to Puri and request the Lord to remedy his pitiable situation. This was at the same time when Sri Sachinandan Gaurahari, who is non different than Lord Jagannath was performing his pastimes as a devotee in Srikshetra Puri dham. Arriving in Jagannath Puri, he went to take darshan of Lord Jagannath and prayed for the Lord to remove his poverty. Not getting any immediate response from the Lord and feeling completely destitute that the Lord had also forsaken him and was not helping him, he went to the shore of the ocean and was thinking of giving up his life, when all of a sudden he saw an enormous person seemingly coming out of the ocean. As the person was approaching the shore, he was reducing in size and by the time he came out of the ocean he was a normal sized person dressed in simple clothes. Mesmerized, the poor brahmana went to him and offered his respects. He then asked him about the purpose of his visit to which the illustrious personality replied that he had come to take darshan of the Lord of the Universe. The poor brahmana decided to accompany this great personality and with his permission started walking along with him. To the brahmana’s surprise, the personality went straight to Gambhira and went to see Mahaprabhu. The brahmana followed along and saw Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, but not recognizing him to be the Supreme Personality of Godhead, he just stood by, not understanding his own good fortune of being there. The great personality offered his respects to Sri Gaurasundar, who in turn embraced him and sat him next to himself. After discussing various topics for some time, the personality took his leave from Mahaprabhu and the brahmana followed him. After their departure all the associates of Mahaprabhu inquired about the identity of the personality as they were all surprised to see Mahaprabhu dealing with him so lovingly and none of them knew who this person was. Sri Sachinandan then told them that he was King Vibhishan, the associate of Lord Ram, who had come to visit him. All the vaishnavas were very pleased to hear this and started kirtan in great jubilation. On the other hand, to the utter amazement of the poor brahmana, he saw that the personality was heading back to the ocean without taking darshan of Lord Jagannath. Upon being questioned, Vibhishan told him that Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, whom they had just met, is none other than the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Jagannath. Hearing this, the poor brahmana began lamenting about his misfortune of not recognizing him and requested to go back. Vibhishan then took him back to Mahaprabhu and he fell at the lotus feet of Sri Sachinandan, who accepted him and blessed him with Krishna prem, thus bestowing upon him the greatest wealth.