Anartha Nivritti

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As one engages in the chanting of the holy names of the Lord and the other angas of Bhakti in the association of the vaishnavas, with the firm faith that attaining the lotus feet of the Lord is the true goal of life and that Sri Krishna and his pure devotees shall surely bestow their mercy upon us when we endeavour to please them with our service and sincerity, then the holy names of the Lord start to cleanse the heart of the devotee and one is slowly but surely relieved of the various anarthas in the heart which are accumulated over millions of lifetimes due to being averse to the Supreme Personality of Godhead. This stage of removal of undesirable substances from the heart and consciousness is known as Anartha nivritti.

This process of removal of anarthas is actually a very long and gradual process due to the fact that we have been layering the mirror of our consciousness with the dust of material desires and aspirations since time immemorial and therefore the removal of all this dust requires patiently and determinedly performing devotional service for a prolonged period of time. However, one is not required to extraneously endeavour for this process of cleansing, as it a natural consequence of the awakening of Bhakti in the heart. The holy names of the Lord are endowed with all the prowess of the Lord himself and are none different from him, and therefore, they remove the darkness born of ignorance with their soothing moon beams. One must, hence, only continue to chant the Holy names of the Lord with unflinching faith and with a prayerful attitude, and the rest shall be automatically taken care of by the Lord himself. Actually, in truth, the Holy names of the Lord are so potent that they can immediately eradicate the accumulated results of more sins than what one is actually even capable of performing. However, due to being entangled in the web of material existence, we are not yet capable of purely uttering the names of the Lord, and therefore, we must continue chanting with humility and sincerity, so that the Holy name’s mercy may descend upon us and, clearing away all anarthas, bestow love of Godhead upon us.