Appearance of Lord Ram

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vitarasi dikṣu raṇe dik-pati-kamanīyaḿ
daśa-mukha-mauli-balim ramaṇīyam
keśava dhṛta-rāma-śarīra jaya jagadiśa hare

O Kesava! O Lord of the universe! O Lord Hari, who haze assumed the form of Ramacandra! All glories to You! In the battle of Lanka You destroy the ten-headed demon Ravana and distribute his heads as a delightful offering to the presiding deities of the ten directions, headed by Indira. This action was long desired by all of them, who were much harassed by this monster.

All glories to Lord Ramachandra, the dear son of Maharaj Dasharath and Kaushalya devi, who ruled over the earth for 10,000 years during the Treta yuga and was a very exemplary king, such that his rule is still remembered as Ram rajya and is highly praised and remembered by one and all. Sri Krishna has said in the Bhagwat Gita, mama vartmanuvartante manusyah partha sarvasah(Everyone follows My path in all respects, O son of Prtha). Although whenever the Supreme Lord comes, he establishes Dharma, yet Lord Sri Ramachandra is especially famous as Maryada-purushottam, the epitome of Righteousness. In his pastimes upon this earthly planet, he perfectly carried out all of his various duties and responsibilities as an ideal son, brother, husband, King and father, thus setting examples and standards for the general public to follow, for everyone follows in the Lord’s footsteps in one way or another. Blessing the Chaitra Maas shukla paksha navami by appearing on this day, Lord Ram, along with his 3 brothers, Bharat, Laxman and Shatrughna, filled the palace of Maharaj Dasharath with immense transcendental bliss. Stealing the hearts of all the queens headed by Kaushalya, Kaikai and Sumitra, the baby Ram performed various sweet pastimes. He later blessed Vashishtha Muni by accepting him as his spiritual master and learning all the various fields of Knowledge under his tutelage. After returning home as a young Man, fully accomplished in the various sciences, he accompanied Sage Vishwamitra to protect his Yajna ceremony from the atrocities of the demons. He then proceeded to Mithila with the great sage, who had been invited to come and bless the auspicious Marriage Swayamvar of devi Sita, the daughter of Mahraj Janak, the king of Mithila. Breaking the bow of Lord Shiva in that assembly, stringing which had been the challenge to be fulfilled to get the hand of the beautiful princess in marraige, Lord Ram married Sita devi, laxmi herself. Thereafter, they happily lived in Ayodhya for some time.

In order to fulfil the mission of killing the demons, the Lord arranged to perform the painful pastimes of his going to the forest due to being exiled from the country in accordance with yhe two boons which Kaikai asked from the King, who was obliged to fulfil them. In order to uphold the honour of his father’s promise, the Lord went to the Forest, where his dear wife was abducted by the wicked King Ravan. After looking for her far and wide, the Lord finally found her with the help of the monkey King Sugriv and his army and then went to Lanka to kill the Demon Ravan. After a terrible battle, the Lord killed the Demon and reduced the burden of the Earth, thus giving great joy to all the saintly people. He then went back to Ayodhya with devi Sita, and ruled over the Kingdom for a long time and set great ideals for all to follow. May Lord bestow his mercy upon us all on the auspicious day of his appearance, which is tomorrow.