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When the taste for chanting, hearing and remembering the transcendental, sweet and ever-fresh names, forms, qualities and pastimes of the Lord transforms into a deep attachment for him, this stage has been named by the great acharyas as Asakti. In this stage the Sadhaka feels intense attachment to the Lord and relishes the sweetness of the holy names. Continuously engaging all the senses in the service of the Lord and not willing to waste even a moment, the vaishnavas having attained this platform remain always immersed in remembering the Lord. Feeling great separation they call out to the Lord with various prayers such as this, written by Srila Bilvamangal Thakur in his Krishna Karanamrita:

he deva he dayita he bhuvanaika-bandho
he kṛṣṇa he capala he karuṇaika-sindho
he nātha he ramaṇa he nayanābhirāma
hā hā kadā nu bhavitāsi padaṁ dṛśor me
‘O My Lord! O dearest one! O only friend of the universe! O Kṛṣṇa, O restless one, O ocean of mercy! O My Lord, O My enjoyer, O beloved to My eyes! Alas, when will You again be visible to Me?’

Calling out thus, they constantly desire to serve the Lord with their body, mind and speech. Forsaking all material attachment to familial relations, money, prestige and followers, they consider Sri Krishna and the eternal residents of Vraja to be their real friends and family. Experiencing great transcendental pleasure, they then continue to perform their bhajan and soon advance to the next levels on the path of Bhakti.