At the banks of Radha kund

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At the banks of the splendid lake Sri Radha kund,

resplendent with fragrant lotuses of various colours;

with swans frolicking in the stems of the blossoms;

With Swananda Sukhada Kunj situated in its midst,

the abode of unlimited transcendental bliss;

connected to the bank with a bridge made of moonstones,

With flowering groves situated in all the eight directions;

each glorious with a different season and its beautiful flowers;

With swings hanging from the branches of magnificent trees;

With parrots, peacocks, cuckoos and other birds sweetly chirping;

With bees madly buzzing around the flowers eager for their honey;

With Sakhis  filling the atmosphere with their melodious laughter,

The fair and dark complexioned Divine couple Sri Sri Radha Shyamsundar

Perform various astonishingly wonderful and blissful pastimes.