Balaram, the reservoir of beauty and mercy

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All glories to the moon that arose from the ocean of Mother Rohini’s womb. All glories to the elder brother of Shyamsundar. All glories to the giver of joy to all the brajavasis. All glories to the reservoir of unparalleled transcendental beauty. Clad in a bright blue dhoti, more brilliant than a host of splendid blue lotuses, wearing dazzling bright necklaces, earrings, armlets and other jewelry and adorned by a fabulous forest flower garland, Lord Balaram, with complexion like that of a white lotus and divine fragrance which drives the bees mad, enchants the mind of one and all. Affectionately addressed as Dau, meaning elder brother, Balaram performs many pastimes with his younger brother Sri Krishna in the forests of Vraja. After playing to their heart’s content, when Lord Balaram gets tired, Krishna and all his friends serve him by fanning him, making him rest his head on their lap and other such services. Similarly, while entering the forests of Vraja, Krishna, desiring to please his elder brother, would show him how all the trees where bending down to the ground in order to show respect to him, how the trees where offering fruits and flowers for his satisfaction and how the honey combs were oozing honey for his pleasure. Seeing this, Balaram would be very pleased and in this way, they would enter the forests of Vrindavan. During his pastimes in this material world, he also playfully killed the demons Pralambasura, Dhenukasur and others. He is the most formidable foe for the demons, but for the devotees he is indeed the most gentle and merciful Lord. May the reservoir of mercy, the most benevolent Lord Balaram grant us the shelter of his lotus feet.