Balaram, the wielder of the Plow

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namaste halagraha

namaste musalayudha

namaste revati-kanta

namaste bhakta-vatsala

Obeisances to You, O holder of the plow. Obeisances to You, O wielder of the mace.  Obeisances to You, O darling of Revati.  Obeisances to You, O kind benefactor of Your devotees.
All glories to Lord Balaram, who wields a mace to destroy the miscreants, and thus grants fearlessness to the souls surrendering unto his lotus feet. All glories to the holder of a plow, the form of Lord Baladev which is particularly pleasing to all the vaishnavas, for the plow in the hands of Adi-Guru Sri Balaram is very significant. Being the original spiritual master of all the living entities, the transcendental plow in the hands of Rohininandan is there for cultivating the barren lands which are our hearts. Being engrossed in sense gratification and completely subdued by the external potency of the Lord, we have forgotten our constitutional position as the parts and parcels and eternal servants of the Lord, and for this reason, our hearts, which are supposed to be saturated with unlimited bliss and love, are now rendered dry and barren. Seeing the pitiful condition of the jivas and being desirous of our welfare, Balaram ploughs the barren lands of our hearts with his plow and makes them suitable for sowing the Bhakti lata beej. He then sows, through his representative, the spiritual master, the seed of Bhakti, pure love of Godhead, in our hearts and waters it with his causeless mercy. Through his instructions, he guides the sadhakas in being able to properly nourish and take care of the creeper of Bhakti that has thus sprung up. It is with his mercy only that the weeds of anarthas, which are the biggest obstruction in the growth of the creeper of love, can be removed. Therefore, when the devotees of Lord Balaram see him carrying his plow and mace, they feel greatly enlivened, for they know that the Lord is there to protect them and plough their hard hearts and make them fertile and conducive for the Creeper of Bhakti to flourish.
Revati kanta, the beloved of Revati devi, is also referred to as Bhakta vatsala, the one who is most kind and merciful to his devotees. Indeed, throughout Balaram’s pastimes there are many instances where we see that the kind-hearted Lord is very easily pleased and bestows his mercy upon all those who take his shelter, without considering whether they are qualified or not. He even bestowed his mercy upon Duryodhana and accepted him as one of his own, even though Duryodhan only had selfish motives in his heart. Such is the mercy of Lord Balaram, then what to speak of the mercy that he showers upon the sincere souls who desire to please him with their services, with the goal of attaining the lotus feet of Sri Krishna in their hearts, who is the very life and soul of Balaram. Who can possibly even approach Sri Krishna without first becoming the recipient of the mercy of his magnanimous elder brother Sri Balaram. Therefore, we pray at his lotus feet that he may bestow upon us his mercy, so that we may develop unflinching attachment to the lotus feet of his younger brother, Shyamsundar.