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All glories to Bhakti Vinod thakur, the composer of numerous beautiful bhajans describing the exquisitely beautiful pastimes of Rasika-shekhar Sri Krishna and Srimati Radhika. In numerous bhajans, as the following one, he has poetically written about the unsurpassed transcendental sweetness of Sri Krishna’s name, form, qualities, dham, associates and pastimes, thus giving us a glimpse of the Spiritual world. One such gorgeous bhajan, describing the Rasa dance of Radha Krishna, is as follows:

mañca manoharaśobhita phule
In the forests of Vraja on the banks of the Yamuna there are beautiful thrones bedecked with flowers.

banaspati-latātuṣaye āńkhi
tad upari kotoḍākaye pākhī
The creepers and fruit trees give satisfaction to the eyes and upon these trees and creepers many birds sing sweetly.

malaya anilavahaye dhīre
ali-kula madhu-lobheye phire
A breeze from the Malaya hills blows ever so gently while swarms of bumblebees fly about in search of honey.

bāsantīra rākāuḍupa tadā
kaumudī bitoreādare sadā
The full glowing moon of the spring season then distributes its cooling rays out of love and respect.

emata samayerasika-bara
ārambhilo rāsamuralī-dhara
At such a time as this, the best of relishers begins His rasa dance the holder of the flute.

śata-koṭī gopīmājhete hari
rādhā-saha nāceānanda kori
Millions of cowherd maidens Lord Hari is in the midst dancing along with Radha rejoicing in great bliss.

mādhava-mohinīgāiyā gīta
harilo sakalajagata-cita
The Enchantress of Madhava singing beautiful songs steals away the minds of all the three worlds.

sthāvara-jańgamamohilā satī
hārāolo candrā- valīra mati
All moving and non-moving beings enchanted by chaste Radha who has forcefully defeated the pride of Candravali.

mathiyā baraja-kiśora-man
antarita hoyrādhā takhon
After agitating the mind of youthful Vraja-Kisor Radha oh so suddenly disappears from the scene.

bhakativinodaparamāda gaṇe
rāsa bhāńgalo (āji) rādhā vihane
This Bhaktivinoda perceives some calamity-the rasa dance has now stopped in the absence of Radha.