Begging the mercy of the Vaishnavas

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What offences have we committed
What misdeeds performed
Our hearts are hard like stone
Hard like wood, hard like iron

The holy names of the Lord
sweeter than the sweetest, nothing is more auspicious
They purifying the entire universe
They bestow the highest benediction

No tears flow from our eyes
No hairs standing on end
No chocking of the voice
No change of heart, no bend

Mercy please, O friends of the fallen
Take pity on this wretched soul
The Vaishnavas are one’s true wellwishers
The deliverers of us all

One who has Krishna can give
What shall one give who has him not
Falling at the feet of those wealthy with prem
We beg for a drop from that ocean

With a straw between my teeth
with folded hands and desperation in my eyes
I am your lowly servant life after life
Bestow mercy and accept me as your very own