Charming pastimes of Nimai

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In due course of time, Nimai started crawling around on his knees, acting just as an ordinary human child even though he is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Seeing his sweet childish gestures and hearing his nectarian indistinguishable childish talk, Sachi mata felt completely satisfied and all the residents of Nawadwip were charmed.

One day Sachi mata heard the sweet chiming of ankle bells. This greatly surprised her as she had not put ankle bells on the feet of Gauranga. On another occasion, she saw divine beings crowding her chamber. The celestial entities placed Nimai on a splendid throne, offered various articles of worship to him and offered him many beautiful prayers. Thereafter, the demigods circumambulated Vishwambhar and returned to their heavenly abodes. Sachi mata rushed to her husband and told him the entire incident. They both then thought that Nimai must be a very great personality and felt great jubilation in their hearts to have him as their son.

On another occasion, Sachi mata was feeling a bit unwell. Seeing his mother not well, Nimai was concerned and asked the other village women, who had come to look after Sachi mata, about what had happened. When they told him that she was not very well, he insisted on doing something to cure her disease. Seeing the innocent toddler Nimai wanting to do something for his mother and wanting to have some merriment, they told him that if he could bring two fresh coconuts from the coconut trees outside, his mother would recover soon. Nimai immediately went out and within no time returned with with two fresh coconuts which he had picked from the tree. Seeing him with the coconuts, they were all astonished and wondered how could such a small child bring coconuts from the tree. He then asked them if his mother would recover soon. Seeing his love and affection, Sachimata felt great happiness and assured him that she would recover soon as it was just a mild disease, hearing which Nimai felt great happiness. In this way Vishwambhar performed various sweet and enchanting pastimes in his childhood.