Chir Ghat

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Chir ghat, which is one of the most prominent ghats of Vrindavan, is situated on the Parikrama road before Keshi ghat and at the turn leading to Radha Damodar temple. This place is famous as the site of Krishna’s pastime of stealing the clothes of the young Gopis of Vrindavan. The Kadamba tree situated there is the very same tree on which Krishna sat after stealing the robes of the gopis and was enjoying seeing them bathing in the river.
The enchanting story related to this holy place is that after the month of Kartik comes the holy month of Katyayini vrata, in which all the young gopi girls of Vrindavan would follow a special austere fast to please the goddess Katyayini and get Krishna as their husband. They would bathe in the river Yamuna early in the morning despite the approaching winter season, followed by the performance of worship of the goddess at the bank of the river and they would eat only Khichadi once a day. In this way they were performing austerities to get the son of Maharaj Nanda as their husband and would chant the following shloka in prayer to the goddess:
Katyayani Mahamaye Mahayoginyadheeshwari
Nandgopsutam Devi patim Me Kuru te Namah
Towards the end of the month, in order to fulfill the desire of the young gopi girls, Krishna came to the place of their daily worship and while they were bathing in the river he stole their clothes and climbed a nearby tree to watch them bathing. After having taken their bath, when the gopis were about to come out of the river, they realized that their clothes were no longer where they had kept them. The Lord of their hearts, Vrajendranandan Shyamsundar, to get whom as their husband they had been praying to the goddess, then told them to come out of the river and come to him to get their clothes. In this way he fulfilled their desire to have them as their husband by performing this intimate pastime. He also told them that all their desires shall surely by fulfilled. In this pastime he also instructed the gopis, and through them the general populace as well, that it is inappropriate to bathe in a river without clothes as it is disrespectful to the personified deity of the river.
Today also people go to the tree and tie clothes there in the memory of this pastime and pray to be able to give up all conceptions of material life and attain the shelter of the lotus feet of Shri Krishna.