Choose your goal well before setting out

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In this world of temporary existence 
Where nothing remains for eternity 
True love is lacking due its nonexistence 
What then is the use of fake fraternity 

Each individual is walking a separate path 
Choose your goal well before setting out 
In the eternal ocean of bliss you could take bath 
Or stuck in the desert of Maya, completely dry out 

Connect with the Supreme being within 
the one to whom we belong and who belongs to us 
Being aloof from all propensities to commit sin 
Absorb your mind and senses in him who is glorious 

Except all that is favorable and reject all that isn't
Giving up association with materialistic mundaners
Associate with those in whom Krishna Prem has arisen 
and in such company, become a pure bhakti practitioner

Chant and sing the glories of Sri Shyamsundar 
Dance and roll on the ground in transcendental ecstasy 
Serve the Lord of the forests of Vraja, Sri Vipin Purandar 
And experience unsurpassed transcendental bhakti rasa