Dama Bandhan Lila part 2

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After catching her dear son Krishna from behind, mother Yoshoda began to tie Krishna with a rope, despite the repetitive pleas of Shyam to not punish him. Thinking just like an ordinary mother, Yashoda devi wanted to punish Krishna so that he would not engage in stealing and other such mischief. However, when she attempted to tie Kanhaiya, the rope proved to be two fingers too short. She immediately told her Gopi freinds, who were standing near-by and watching what was going on, to bring her more rope from inside the house. She then attached more rope to the one that she had and again tried binding him, yet the rope again was two fingers too short. She continues adding more rope till all the rope in the house the finished and still the rope was two fingers too short. The acharyas have explained the deep esoteric meaning behind the rope being two fingers too short, for it was precisely two fingers short, not more and not less. These two fingers symbolise the effort of the sadhaka and the mercy of the Lord. Seeing the efforts of mother Yashoda, the Cowherd Gopis of Vraja started laughing and said that perhaps it was not meant to be that she would tie Krishna. Hearing their words, Yashoda maiya prayed to Lord Narayan to help her, for she did not want to be embarrassed in front of her freinds that she could not tie the boy who had come from her own womb. Seeing his mother endavouring so hard and perspiring, Sri Krishna agreed to be bound by her. In this way, the two fingers of her effort and Krishna’s mercy were fulfilled and therefore she was able to bind him to the Grinding mortar. Actually she wanted that Krishna would stay at one place and not create any further mischief while she churned the Yoghurt, after which she would pacify him and feed him the butter. Thinking in this way she went inside the house, leaving Krishna crying there. After she left, all Krishna’s freinds and Balaram came to him and seeing Krishna bound with a rope, Lord Balaram angrily asked who dared to tie him, desiing to punish the culprit immediately. But when he got to know that mother Yashoda was the one who bound Krishna, he immediately got pacified and instead tried to open the knot of the rope. However, he was unable to do so. Thereafter, Sri Krishna pulled the mortar between the two ancient Arjun trees that were standing in the courtyard of Nanda Maharaj, and with a little effort uproated the two gigantic trees, delivering the two sons of Kuvera, Nalakuver and Manigriva, who had been cursed by Narad Muni to be born as trees. This was due to their being too indulged in sense gratification and ignoring the great sage Narad because of their arrogance. However, the Lord’s devotees are always thinking about the welfare of everyone and hence it should be understood that his curse was actually a benediction, as because of this incident they were able to get the direct audience of the Supreme Lord and be blessed with his bhakti. After being delivered from the body of the trees, the two demigods emerged from the trees and payed their respects to the Lord. When the two trees fell down, a loud crashing sound was made and immediately Nanda Maharaj came there. Seeing the fallen trees and Krishna tied to the Mortar, Nanda Maharaj untied him and took him onto his lap. He then inquired as to how the trees had fallen, the children told that Krishna had done that and two celestial beings appeared and paid their respects to Krishna. However, due to his parental affection, Nanda MAharaj did not beleive this and just thanked Lord Narayan for saving his son from the great calamaity. Hearing the crashing sound, Mother Yashoda also came out running and was shocked to see what happened. Being upset with her, both Nanda Maharaj and Krishna did not talk to her the entire day, which left her completely devastated. However, in the evening when the elderly ladies of Vraja asked Krishna as to who would feed him and with whom would he sleep, he replied that he would stay with his father, to which the ladies siad that what if mother Yashoda were to die. Hearing this Krishna started crying profusely and immediately ran to her and climbed onto her lap. Having Krishna in her lap, mother Yashoda cried rivers of tears and resolved to never be so harsh with her son. In this way, the most enchanting pastime of Dama Bandhan lila took place, enchanting the hearts of al the Vaishnavas.