Defeating Keshav Kashmirir and the wedding ceremony of Nimai

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After having stolen the hearts and minds of all the residents of Nadia, Sachinandan started going to school and excelled at his study of the shastras. The taking of Sanyas by Vishwarupa, the elder brother of Nimai, and the untimely departure of his father greatly saddened Nimai and Sachi mata, plunging them in an ocean of grief. However, Vishwambhar consoled his mother and started performing the duties of the brahmanas with full enthusiasm to the full satisfaction of his mother, seeing which she was greatly delighted at heart. Being the Supreme Personality of Godhead himself, he was able to defeat everyone in debate and was the undisputed master of all the Shastras. Soon he started teaching and became famous as Nimai Pandit.

Once, a digvijaya Pandit named Keshav Kashmiri, who had defeated many pandits in all the various centres of learning in Bharat at the time, came to Nawadwip with the intention of defeating the scholars over there as well and establishing himself as the most learned pandit of that time. When the pandits in Nawadwip came to know of his imminent arrival and challenge to them, they unanimously agreed that Nimai Pandit should represent them all and defeat Keshav Kashmiri in debate. However, before the official debate was held, the two scholars, Nimai and Keshav Kashmiri, happened to come face to face with each other at the banks of Ganges. After greeting each other, Nimai asked Keshav Kashmiri to compose some verses in the glorification of Mother Ganges, as he knew that the pandit was a great devotee of the Ganga devi. Immediately the pandit composed hundred beautiful verses in glorification of Mother Ganges. Boastfully thinking that he had thus impressed Nimai pandit, Keshav Kashmiri smiled proudly. However, to his utter surprise, Vishwambhar quoted one of his verses from the middle and pointed out all the good and bad qualities of the Shloka. Seeing that not only had he immediately memorised the shlokas but could find the weaknesses in his grammar, Keshav Kashmiri could understand something of the genius of Gaurahari. That night in his dream, mother Sarasvati, the goddess of learning, came to his and told him that Vishwambhar was none other than her Lord Narayan, and therefore he should take shelter of his lotus feet and give up all ideas of debating with him. The next day, Keshav Kashmiri went and submitted himself at the lotus feet of Vishwambhar, accepting him to be the most learned person, as he was none other than the Supreme Lord. In this way, Nimai Pandit happily spent his days with his friends and in the study and teaching of the shastras.

Once, while walking along the streets of Mayapur, Nimai’s eyes fell upon the beautiful and highly qualified daughter of Vallabhacharya, a simple brahmana. He spontaneously felt attracted towards Laxmipriya and felt that she was the purpose of his life. Soon thereafter, being inspired by the Lord within his heart, the village matchmaker Vanamali went to the house of Vallabhacharya and proposed to marry Laxmipriya with Vishwambhar. Hearing the proposal gave immense joy to the heart of Vallabhacharya and considered himself and his daughter to be extremely fortunate. However, due to not being very wealthy, he humbly told Vanamli that he would not be able to offer any valuable gifts to the groom and his family but would be overjoyed to offer his daughter’s hand in marriage to Vishwambhar. Hearing the joyful words of Laxmipriya’s father, Vanamli immediately went to the house of Sachi mata and placed the proposal in front of her. Sachi mata declined saying that Nimai was still young and was not yet ready for marriage. Hearing this made Vanamli extremely morose and he left the house with his head hanging low. As he was leaving the house, Vishwambhar saw him and asked him the reason for his distress. He then told Nimai about the marriage proposal and Sachi mata’s refusal and left with a sorrowful heart. Going inside the house, Nimai mentioned about Vanamli to mother Sachi and told her that she should not have disappointed the pious brahmana. Understanding the hidden meaning in the words of her son, Mother Sachi immediately called Vanamli back and agreed for the marriage. Dancing in jubilation, Vanamali went back to the house of Vallabhacharya and asked him to make the necessary arrangements and fix a date for the marriage.

On the fixed date of Marriage, all the women of Mayapur dressed themselves in beautiful sarees and exquisite ornaments and assembled for the auspicious marriage ceremony. Vishwambhar arrived in a beautiful palanquin, appearing as the golden mount Sumeru bedecked with ornaments and an exquisite flower Garland. Upon receiving his son-in-law, Vallabhacharya sat him down on a beautiful throne, offered him arati and called for his daughter. Laxmipriya devi then entered the marriage arena, appearing more beautiful than thousands of goddesses of fortune and stealing the heart and mind of Vishwambhar. Vallabhacharya then gave the hand of his wonderful daughter in marriage to the Supreme Lord Vishwambhar. After the conclusion of the marriage ceremony, the bride and groom were fed sumptuous prasad while the village women laughed and joked with them. The next day Vishwambhar returned home with his newly wedded wife, where Sachimata welcomed them with auspicious articles and sitting them both on her lap, showered them with her affection. In this way, the marriage of Gaurahari drowned the whole of Mayapur in an ocean of transcendental bliss.