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Just like, for a tree to be sustained, water must be given to the roots and not to the individual leaves and branches; and for the body to function, food must be given to the stomach and not to the separate limbs, similarly, to ensure the satisfaction of all the living entities within the entire universe, the centre, cause, controller, maintainer and benefactor of the whole universe, Sri Krishna should be satisfied. One may argue that why to spend one’s money on God, one should rather spend it on the poor, but that itself is the cause of all misery, for the only way of satisfying everyone is by satisfying the Lord. By Serving Krishna, all other services, all other obligations and all other welfare activities are automatically considered to be fulfilled, for he is the maintainer of everyone.

We, therefore, invite everyone to come water the root by donating for the service of Sri Sri Krishna Balaram in ISKCON Vrindavan, By serving them, we, and along with us everyone else, shall be satisfied to the core. This utilisation of wealth in the service of the Sri Krishna is like the offering of water from the river into the river, for what we have is by his grace only and he is the true proprietor of everything. By this offering, we can simple express our gratitude and pray to forever remain in his shelter. Just like the Lord is absolute, so is his service, and this absolute understanding of giving back to the source remains unchanged in all times and circumstances. Thus it may rightly be said, that during these challenging times of disease and despondency, the only true means of satisfaction is to engage all one’s abilities in the service of the Lord.

Donate Generously