Departure of H.G. Parvati mataji for the spiritual world

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The passing away of a devotee from this world is both a source of great sorrow but simultaneously also a source of joy. It is an undeniable fact that despite knowing the philosophy and understanding that the soul of a dedicated devotee goes on to serve the spiritual master in another form, where their services may be required; yet their absence from our lives leaves a vacuum, where there once was the loving association of a staunch devotee of Sri Guru and Sri Krishna. It is however a source of joy also, when one contemplates about the great good fortune that awaits such a sincere soul, who is sure to be reunited with their spiritual master for rendering further services in his lotus feet.

One such stalwart devotee from Iskcon Vrindavan, who recently left the sufferings of this material world behind and proceeded to join her spiritual master in his divine pastimes, is H.G. Parvati mataji, one of the senior Prabhupad disciples who had been living in Vrindavan for decades, performing various services in the Krishna Balaram mandir with utmost care and enthusiasm. H.G. Parvati mataji had been taking care of Srila Prabhupad’s Samadhi mandir and the museum, ensuring that everything was always maintained very nicely, and along with that she was also organizing the speakers for the Bahagawat Gita class in prabhupad’s house every day. Well known for her strong and powerful personality, she was always very vigilant about her services and was always on top of everything. Despite being such a senior devotee and a strong personality, she was very easily approachable and was very much appreciated for her straightforward nature.

After having overcome severe health conditions in the past, Parvati mataji always regained good health to carry on with her services. However, by the will of Srila Prabhupad and Krishna, she peacefully departed from this world on the 14th of May at approximately 11:30 p.m. in the most holy of all places, Sri Vrindavan dham, after having been unwell for some time. It is only by great good fortune and heaps of sukriti that one is blessed with such good fortune of having lived and served Srila Prabhupad in Sridham Vrindavan and then being able to leave the body here.

On the 25th of May, the 11th day from her departure, all the devotees gathered in the temple hall of Krishna Balaram Mandir to honor her by glorifying her and her services. Numerous devotees from Vrindavan and from all over the world shared their memories of her and enlivened the assembled devotees by inspiring them to follow in her footsteps and always serve with great enthusiasm as she did her entire life. A feast was also served to all the vaishnavas in her memory and all the devotees celebrated her going back home back to Godhead.