Disappearance day of Sri Kaliya Krishna das

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The auspicious Krishna dwadashi in the month of Mārgaśīrṣa, marks the disappearance of Sri Kaliya Krishna prabhu, an associate of Gauranga and the disciple of Sri Raghunandan thakur. Sri Kaliya Krishna Prabhu is Lavanga Sakha, one of the dwadash sakhas in Krishna’s pastimes in Golok Vrindavan. Coming from Akai Hata, he was a dear associate of Nityananda Prabhu and can easily grant love for Gaurachandra to one who takes shelter of his lotus feet. In order to preach the glories of Sri Krishna, he traveled to Pābnā district and chose to reside near the Ichāmati River, near Bandaragā. He belonged to the bārendra brāhmaṇa family but in Akāi Hāta there was no brāhmaṇa from that family, so he stayed near the Ichāmati River and his dynasty flourished there, thus starting the barendra brahmana lineage. There is a pond near his residence in Akai hata known as nupur kund, where it is said that the ankle bell of Nityananda prabhu fell. Some vaishnavas are also of the opinion that it was the ankle bell of Sri Raghunandan thakur. After the disappearance of Nityananda Prabhu, he travelled with Jahnava Ma and was with her when she went to Katwa. His worshipable Lord is Sri Kala Chandji, who is still being worshiped in his village.

On this auspicious day of his disappearance, we pray at his lotus feet to bestow his mercy upon us so that we may develop unflinching faith for the lotus feet of Sri Sri Gaura Nitai.