Disappearance day of Srila Jiva goswami and Sri Jagadish Pandit

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All glories to Srila Jiva goswami and Sri Jagadish Pandit, two great personalities who brought their pastimes in this world to an end on the Shukla tritiya tithi in the month of Paush. Srila Jiva goswami, the nephew of Srila Rupa and Srila Sanatan Goswami and the son of the great Ram-bhakta Sri Anupam, was blessed by Mahaprabhu to become a prominent acharya in the Gaudiya line, who later composed numerous literatures describing the sublime pastimes of Sri Krishna and the super-excellent process of bhakti, by placing upon jiva’s head the holy foot dust from his lotus feet. Accepting the renounced order of life, his father and uncles left home and went to perform bhajan in the association of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, leaving him and his mother in immense grief. Being the only son in the family, he was then left with the responsibility of looking after his mother, and therefore he studied wholeheartedly , thus pleasing his teachers and becoming well known as a genius at a very young age. His heart, however, was constantly engaged in remembering the lotus feet of Sri Gaurahari. After getting news of his father’s departure from the world, he was extremely sad, and no one was able to console him until he had a dream of his deities Rama-Krishna in the form of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Sri Nityananda Prabhu, who blessed him by placing their foot-dust upon his head. Thereafter, on someone’s suggestion he went to Sri Mayapur dham, where he was blessed with the darshan and association of Sri Nityananda Prabhu, who took him around to visit all the pastime places of Gaurahari. He was also blessed with the darshan of Sachi Mata, which gave him immense bliss and somewhat cooled his separation from Sachinandana. Following the order Nityananda Prabhu, he then went to Varanasi to study the Vedanta under Sri Madhusudan Vacaspati, the disciple of Sarvabhauma Bhattacharya. After having finished his studies with the Vacaspati, who came to Sri Vrindavan Dham, where he started studying under the guidance of Sri Rupa and Sanatana and served them with great devotion. After having received initiation from Srila Rupa Goswami, he started worshiping the deities of Sri Radha Damodar, who were personally carved by Srila Rupa goswami for his nephew and disciple Jiva. After having studied the Srimad Bhagwatam and other bhakti literatures under Srila Rupa Goswami, he started proof reading the works of Rupa and Sanatana and wrote commentaries on their books, in compliance with their instruction. After the disappearance of his uncles, he continued the service of writing and preaching the glories of Krishna bhakti. It was under him that the three great acharyas, namely Srila Narottam das thakur, Srinivas Acharya and Shyamananda Prabhu, who later preached the goswami literatures through out India, studied the shastras in Vrindavan. He has blessed the vaishnava community with many great treasures, some of which are Sat Sandarbha, Gopal Champu, Harinamamrita Vyakaran, Madhav Mahotsav and Gopal Virudavali. On the auspicious occasion of his disappearance, we pray to Srila Jiva Goswami, who is Vilas Manjari in Krishna Lila, to bless us with his foot-dust, obtaining which shall ensure one to receive the rare jewel of Krishna prem.

All Glories to Sri Jagadish Pandit, who is the great dancer Chandrahas in Krishna lila, and is also said to be one of the Yajnapatnis. Although born in Gauhati, he moved to Mayapur with his wife Duhkhini and brother Hiranya, after his parents had left their body, and became a close friend of Jagannath Mishra. The most exalted Jagadish pandit and his wife loved Nimai as their very own son and Duhkhini would sometimes even act as a wet-nurse for baby Nimai. Once, on an Ekadashi, Nimai began crying incessantly and would not stop even when everyone at home was chanting the holy names of the Lord and clapping their hands. Jagannath Mishra then inquired from his son about what would make him stop crying and Nimai replied that he wanted to eat the rice which was being offered to Lord Vishnu in the house of Jagadish Pandit. Hearing this Jagannath Mishra went to the house of Jagadish and was surprised to see that a big bowl of rice was being offered to the Lord. He then told Jagadish about Nimai’s wish and Jagadish happily gave him the rice for Nimai. Jagadish Pandit was later instructed by Mahaprabhu to go and preach the holy names of the Lord in Puri. After staying and preaching in Puri for a while, when he was about to return home, he felt great separation from Jagannath just by thinking about the imminent separation. Understanding the heart of Jagadish, Jagannath appeared in the heart of the King and instructed him that at the time of Nava-Kalevara, when a new deity of Jagannath is made, the present one should be given to Jagadish Pandit. Following the instructions of the Lord, the King happily gave the deity of Jagannath of Jagadish, who was drowning in an ocean of bliss upon receiving the deity. However, he was concerned about how he would take the deity back, as Jagannath was very heavy. Jagannath then told him that he would become light and that he should hire someone to carry him back. However, he should not be set down on the ground, for he would not move once he is placed somewhere. He then hired two brahmanas to alternately carry the deity and he thus set out on his way back to Mayapur. When they had arrived in the village of Jashora, the deity all of a sudden became very heavy and the Brahmana carrying him was forced to place him down. Understanding the Lord’s desire to remain there, Jagadish Pandit made all arrangements for Jagannath’s service and moved with his family to Jashora to serve the Lord there. Twice Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Nityananda Prabhu also visited him, and a great festival was organised each time they were there. Today, on his holy disappearance day, we remember this great associate of Sri Gaurasundar, and pray for his mercy so that we also may be able to have deep love for Jagannath and for Mahaprabhu.