Doyal Nitai Chaitanya

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All glories, all glories to the two brothers, Nitai and Chaitanya, the most merciful Lords. Their mercy is nowhere else to be found. They even delivered the most fallen Jagai and Madhai, who were wrought with mistakes, and bestowed upon them pure love of Godhead. May they also bestow their mercy upon us so that we may be able to drown in the ocean of Krishna prem and thus experience unprecedented love of Godhead. They freely distributed the most purifying names of Sri Krishna, which are the true treasure in the world. Without the Holy names of the Lord and without pure love of Godhead, life has no meaning. But when one chants the names of the Lord with love and devotion, one shall be blessed with the darshan of the divine couple at the end of one’s life. This is the most wonderful benediction that the two munificent brothers bestow upon the sincere devotees. These beautiful truths have been wonderfully described by Srila Bhakti Vinod Thakur in the following bhajan found in the Gitavali:

`doyāl nitāi caitanya’ bole’ nāc re āmār man

nāc re āmār man, nāc re āmāra man

Chanting the holy name “Doyal Nitai Caitanya!” – O my mind, please dance! O my mind, please dance! O my mind, please dance!


(emon, doyāl to nāi he, mār kheye prema dey)

(ore) aparādha dūre jābe, pābe prema-dhan

(o nāme aparādha-vicāra to nāi he)

(takhon) kṛṣṇa-nāme ruci ha’be, ghucibe bandhan

Oh! Such a merciful personality as Nityananda Prabhu is not to be found anywhere! He suffers a beating from Jagai and Madhai and still gives them the love of God! Oh! When your offenses are being vanquished, you will obtain the treasure of love of God! But in these names of Caitanya and Nitai there is no consideration of offenses! Once you have a taste for the holy name of Krsna, bondage to this world will come to an end.


(kṛṣṇa-nāme anurāg to ha’be he)

(takhon) anāyāse saphal ha’be jīvera jīvan

(kṛṣṇa-rati vinā jīvan to miche he)

(ese) bṛndābane rādhā-śyāmer pa’be daraśan

(gaura-kṛpā ha’le he)

  Oh! When there is attachment to the holy name of Krsna, the life of a living being very easily becomes successful! Oh! Without affection for Krsna, life is simply useless! At the end of life, you will obtain the beautiful vision of Radha and Syama in Vrndavana – but only when the mercy of Lord Gaura is first received! Oh!