For whom the Lord brought milk

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The names of the Lord were his life and soul

His days and nights were spent constantly absorbed

Not even to sustain his body would he go beg for food

Eating whenever the Lord sent something his way


One day a boy came by with a pot of milk in his hands

His beauty and sweet words surpassing all description

Absorbed in his Bhajan, he didn’t take note of the boy

Simply accepting the milk as the mercy of the Lord


‘I will come later to take back the pot’

saying thus the bluish boy went off

Swooning in ecstasy after drinking the milk

The saint realised the true identity of him


Tears flowed down his cheeks, his hair stood on end

His most beloved Shyam was standing in front of him

Yet he didn’t catch hold of him and attain the his cherished desire

And now he was gone, out of sight, leaving behind an unending longing


But he came again, this time in a dream

Giving instructions to dig a near-by place

A temple was to be built and he desired to accept service

Overjoyed, He collected a few villagers and dug


Out came Gopal, stealing the hearts of one and all

Bathed and fed sumptuously, a big festival for his pleasure

Yet he ordered his devotee to travel to the east

He was to bring sandalwood and apply it on him


He set off, and offered respects to Gopinath on the way

Seeing the Ksheer sweet offered, he desired to taste

For the sake of Gopal, so he could make for him the same

His humility making him feel like an offender, he left


Yet a pot of sweet was stolen for him by the Lord

delivered by the pujari to the most fortunate one

Eating the prasad, he swam in an ocean of bliss

Proceeding to procure Sandalwood for his dearmost


Acquiring it with the King’s help, he set off

And reached once again Remuna, where he got a dream

‘I am non-different from Gopinath, apply the chandan to him’

And thus the order was followed and a festival celebrated


For whom the Lord brought the nectarean milk

In whose dream the Lord appeared, engaging him in service

For whom, to fulfil his desire, the Lord himself stole the sweet

To that Sri Madhavendra Puri Prabhu, we bow our heads in great love and devotion