Ganga Puja

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Srimati Ganga devi, revered by great souls throughout the three worlds, is the purifier of all living entities. Having washed the lotus feet of Lord Vishnu, she descended to this material world to bestow mercy upon us all. Making her way through the mountain ranges and coming down to the ocean, she makes the areas that she traverses most fertile and lush with vegetation. Bhagirathi, who descended as a result of the severe austerities of Maharaj Bhagirath in order to deliver his forefathers from the lower planetary systems, is also an important part in the pastimes of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Gracefully flowing by Nawadwip, she was the sight of numerous pastimes which Gauranga performed with his associates in his childhood and youth. It was in her waters that he would bathe daily and it was at her banks that he would go and play mischievous pranks with the young maidens of Mayapur. He would dive deep into her waters and pull the legs of the Brahmanas performing their Sandhya vandan while standing in the purifying waters of the Ganges. Having been an intimate associate in the pastimes of Gaurahari, fills the hearts of the devotees with even more love and respect for Ganga devi. Srila Bhaktivinod thakur has conveyed the joy that the devotees fell upon seeing Ganga devi in the lines of one of his songs:

caraṇa-sīdhu, dekhiyā gańgā,

sukha sā sīmā pāya

When I take the caranamrta of the Deity, I see the holy Ganges waters that come from the feet of Lord Visnu, and my bliss knows no bounds.

Indeed when the devotees behold the gracefully flowing river Ganges, their happiness knows no bounds and bathing in her refreshing waters frees one of all sins, anxieties and worries. On the auspicious day of Ganga Puja, we therefore offer our unlimited respectful obeisances at her lotus feet and implore her to kindly deliver us to the lotus feet of Sri Gaurachandra, after having absolved our sins which we have foolishly committed over the past millions of births.