Gaur Nataraj

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Glories to Gaur Nataraj, the best of dancers

Whose ecstatic dance enchants everyone.

Gracefully flowing from one posture to the next

He is the epitome of perfection in the art of dancing.


Glories to the tinkling anklets resting upon his lotus feet

the chiming of which creates the sweetest sound.

They attract the minds of all the devotees in the universe,

who are jealous of their unfathomable glorious good fortune.


Glories to the beautiful facial expressions

decorating the moon like face of Sachinandan.

His sweet smile, his lotus eyes, dripping with nectar

relished by the cakora like eyes of his dear devotees.


Glories to the transcendental moods of love

Experienced by the storehouse of divine love

Immersed constantly in the joy of Krishna prema

He dances to the melodious kirtan of his own sweet names.