Gaurahari’s glories pastimes

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Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, the performer of unlimited wonderful sweet pastimes with his devotees, is always eager to establish the glories of the vaishnavas and takes great pleasure in bowing down before his own dear devotees. Once, when Sri Sachinandana Gaurahari was performing his scholastic pastimes in Sri Nawadwip dham and had not yet manifested his true identity, Sri Ishwara Puri, who was later to be blessed with the position of being the Guru of Sri Gaurasundar, arrived in Nawadwip dham and was residing at the house of Sri Gopinath Acharya. One day while Nimai Pandit was walking along the streets of Mayapur surrounded by his numerous students, he saw Sri Ishwara Puri coming from the opposite direction, and knowing him to be his pure devotee, he immediately offered his obeisances to Sri Ishwara Puri, who was also a Sanyasi and thus to be respected by one and all. Although Sri Ishwara Puri, by the arrangement of Yogamay, could not understand the true identity of Nimai Pandit. he naturally felt very attracted to him and showed great mercy and affection for Nimai. Sri Sachinandana then started going and visiting him daily, discussing various topics with him. Sri Ishwara Puri, knowing Nimai Pandit to be the most expert pandit in Nawadwip, which was the center of learning in the entire country at that time, asked him to check and point out grammatical mistakes in the book Sri Krishna Lilamrita that he had written. Hearing the request of Sri Ishwara Puri, Gauranga immediately refused saying that Sri Ishwara Puri was a pure devotee and therefore anything he wrote would be perfect and finding any fault in it would account to a grave offense, for Sri Krishna accepts the love and devotion of the devotee and nothing else, and to find any fault on the basis of grammar or any other consideration would be inappropriate. Sri Ishwara Puri was very happy to hear Naimai’s statement but he insisted and said that he would not commit any offense by pointing out the grammatical errors in the book. From then onwards, Sri Ishwara Puri would read his book for Nimai and he would listen.

Once, Nimai Pandit pointed out a grammatical issue in one of the verses. After presenting his opinion, he left for home and Sri Ishwara Puri considered his suggested amendment. The next day when the glorious son of Jagannath Mishra came, Sri Ishwara Puri told him that he had decided to keep the verse as it is for he had considered it from all angels and had concluded that it was indeed correct. Sri Sachinandan remained silent and thus approved of it, accepting the superiority of his devotee. He then heard the rest of the book and did not point out any mistakes as he was very pleased with his devotee Sri Ishwara Puri and desired that his glory would increase. In this was Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu would always perform such pastimes in which he would glorify his devotees and take a subordinate position in front of them.