Gauranga goes to Gaya

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Some time after his marriage to Srimati Vishnupriya devi, Gaurahari decided to go on pilgrimage to Gaya and offer Krishna prasad to his forefathers in that holy place for their spiritual benefit. Taking the permission of Sachi mata, Gauranga started his journey towards Gaya with his associates. Along the way he visited all the holy places, paying his respects and taking bath in all the holy lakes and rivers. Upon reaching Gaya, Vishwambhar experienced great transcendental ecstasy and danced jubilantly in the temple there. In that holy place Gaurahari met Sri Ishwara Puri, the prominent disciple of Sri Madhavendra Puri and a pure devotee of the Lord. Since he had previously met Sri Ishwara Puri in Mayapur when he had once visited his house, Gaurahari immediately paid his respectful obeisances to the Sanyasi and begged him to initiate him in the chanting of the holy names of the Lord. Considering himself to be extremely fortunate to be given the opportunity of becoming the Spiritual master of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Ishwara Puri initiated Vishwambhar, who himself is the Guru of the entire universe. Receiving initiation Lord Gauranga immediately started displaying ecstatic symptoms in love of Godhead. He danced jubilantly shedding tears of ecstasy. His bodily hair standing on end appeared like a kadamba flower and his voice chocked up when he spoke. Seeing Krishna standing in front of him, he would madly run and try to embrace the Lord, only to realise that the Lord was not there which would make him drown in an ocean of pain. Sri Sachinandan Gaurahari, Lord Krishna himself who appeared in the form of a devotee to freely distribute love of Godhead, was starting to reveal his true purpose for appearing in this age of Kali. Seeing him in his ecstasy gave immense joy to all the devotees. After some time, while singing the glories of the Lord, they all returned to Mayapur.

Upon his return to Mayapur, all the vaishnavas, headed by Adwaita acharya, Srivas Pandit, Haridas Thakur and others, were jubilant to see Nimai pandit now completely absorbed in Krishna prem. Giving up debating and conversing on the topics of grammar, the Lord now discussed only Krishna katha and remained submerged in the ecstasies of Krishna prem. Every night the Lord would gather his associates in the house of Srivas Pandit, where they would perform melodious kirtan of the holy names of the Lord, drowning everyone in an ocean of bliss. The Lord, absorbed in the mood of the Vraja Gopis, would call out ‘He Krishna! He Gopinath! He Prananath!’ and fall down on the ground in separation from the Lord of his life. The next moment he would jump up and dance madly while laughing and singing. Anyone to behold the wonderful sankirtan of the Lord, would become immersed in an ocean of transcendental bliss. The Lord would perform his duties as a Brahmana during the day and in the evening he would go to the house of Srivas or other devotees and absorb himself in hari kirtan. In this way, the Lord relished the holy names of the Lord and freely distributed it to all the residents of Nadia.