Glories of Naam

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naham tisthami vaikunthe
yoginam hrdayesu va
yatra gayanti mad-bhaktah 
tatra tisthami narada 

I am not in Vaikuntha nor in the hearts of the yogis. I remain where My devotees engage in glorifying My activities.

The Supreme personality of Godhead Sri Krishna and his holy names are none different. Unlike in this material world, where names are just a means of address and hold no potency in themselves, in the spiritual realm the name and the entity holding the name are one and the same, and therefore the names are as potent as the personality himself. Therefore Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu has also said in the Sri Shikshashtakam that Krishna has invested all of his potencies in his name. It then follows that the chanting of the Lord’s holy names is as good as directly associating with the Lord himself. And the devotee chanting the holy names of the Lord is very dear to him. However, such chanting must be pure and free from offences for one to factually feel the presence of the Lord. For one who has achieved the stage of Suddha name, he is in constant association with the personality of Godhead, and that can be seen in the example of the previous acharyas, who were always receiving direct directions, strength and guidance from the Lord as they were constantly in association with the Lord through the medium of the Holy names. The Lord himself says in the above mentioned verse from the Padma Puran, that he does not reside in the Vaikuntha planets or in the hearts of the Yogis who are engaged in meditation upon the impersonal Brahman, but rather he is always present where his pure devotees are singing his holy names. Indeed it would not be inappropriate to say that the holy names are even more powerful and merciful than the Lord, for the Lord does not manifest himself among the unqualified jivas whereas the holy names are so merciful that they have descended into this material world just for the benefit of the fallen souls, so that by hearing such names of the Lord from the lips of the great devotees they shall be purified of their sinful tendencies and be given an opportunity to take to the process of Bhakti and make their lives sublime. It is for this reason that Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu freely distributed these holy names of the Lord, chanting which is the dharma for this age, and by doing so he bestowed the greatest good fortune upon one and all. Therefore, let us all take advantage of this glorious opportunity and surrender ourselves at the lotus feet of Sri Naam Prabhu.