Glories of Sri Gopeshwar Mahadev

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Srimad gopishwaram vande sankaram karunaa-mayam
sarva-klesha haram devam vrindaaranya-rati-pradam

We offer our respects to Sri Gopishwar Mahadev, who is Sankar and is very merciful. He is the destroyer of all misery and is the bestower of rati for Sri Vrindavan dham.

The glories of the Lord’s devotees are as unending as the glories of the Lord himself and are very pleasing to one and all. Lord Shiva is Vaishnavanam yatha shambhu, the best of all the vaishnavas, and is also well known as ashutosh, being easily pleased and very merciful, and is therefore very respectable for all the vaishnavas, who pray for his mercy to be able to make advancement in their bhakti. There is a fundamental difference in the way that the materialists worship Lord Shiva and how the devotees worship him. The materialists worship him with the motivation of getting various boons and benedictions from him so that they may be able to enjoy their senses in this world. However, the devotees of the Lord, understand him to be a great Vaishnava, competent in bestowing upon the faithful worshiper the rare gem of Love of Godhead, which is the ultimate goal of life. Knowing him to be such an exalted personality, the great goswamis of our Sampradaya like rupa goswami and others have offered prayers, as the one above, in his glorification, praying for his mercy to be able to get love for the divine couple. Being the kshetra paal of the dham, it is only by his mercy that one can actually enter the dham and at all hope to persue one’s bhakti. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to offer our humble respects to Sri Gopeshwar Mahadev and beg for his mercy to be able to make progresss on the path of bhakti.