Glories of Sri Guru

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mukam karoti vachalam
pangum langhayate girim
yat-kripa tam aham vande
sri-gurum dina-taranam

“I offer my respectful obeisances unto my spiritual master, the deliverer of the fallen souls. His mercy turns the dumb into eloquent speakers and enables the lame to cross mountains.”

The glories of Sri Guru are unfathomable, for he is the direct representative of Sri Krishna himself, and being a very dear devotee of the Lord, he imparts upon his disciples bhakti and prem for the lotus feet of Sri Mukunda. Sri Guru, by his mercy alone, can turn a dumb person into an eloquent speaker, enable a lame to cross mountains and make the seed of bhakti grow in the barren land of the hearts of the jivas suffering from the disease of material contamination, by making the hearts of such living entities fertile by nourishing them with Krishna katha. One beautiful example of the glories of Sri Guru can be seen in one pastime  od Srila Ramanujacharya. Sri Ramanujacharya, the acharya of the Sri Sampradaya, would regularly give classes to all his followers on the topics of Shastra and Bhakti, which would be attended by all his disciples, most of whom were very learned scholars and sanskrit pandits. Along with all these disciples, the personal servant of Sri Ramanujacharya, a simple illiterate disciple, would also sit and listen to the classes, even though he was not well-versed in the shastras and did not hold knowledge about sanskrit grammar. Once, when Sri Ramanujacharya was about to start the class, he noticed that his personal servant, the illiterate disciple was not present in the assembly and therefore he did not start the session, rather he patiently waited for him to come. The assembles scholarly disciples requested him to start but when he still did not commence with the class, they inquired from him the reason for the delay, for they reasoned that all the prominent disciples had already arrived. Sri Ramanujacharya then mentioned that his personal servant had not yet arrived, which surprised the rest of the assembly, and they said that he could anyway not comprehend the purports of the shastra for he was illiterate and therefore it would be futile to wait for him. However, despite their insistence, he did not start the class and soon the disciple, for whom he had been waiting, arrived and apologised for the delay stating that he had to cross the river to find a suitable spot for him to wash his Guru Maharaj’s, Ramanujacharya’s, clothes and therefore he had been delayed. Then, upon the instruction of his spiritual master and with his mercy, the same illiterate disciple started composing numerous shlokas, each one of which was grammatically perfect and consisted of the most beautiful poetic embellishments. Hearing these Shlokas, the rest of the disciples were dumbstruck and could not believe what had just happened. This was possible for him due to the mercy of his spiritual master, who was pleased with his service and bestowed upon him all knowledge. Indeed, one who pleases the spiritual master with service is blessed by the spiritual master with the highest of benedictions, pure love of Godhead. Therefore, it is necessary for a living entity desiring to attain the ultimate Goal of life to take complete shelter of a pure devotee of the Lord and please him with service, for he shall then bestow upon the devotee Krishna prem.