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Since time immemorial, following the rich and ancient vedic culture that we have been blessed with, Cows have always been respectfully and lovingly addressed as Mother, because of the fact that we all drink their nutritious milk through-out our lives and gain much strength and good health due to it. This gives us the natural responsibility to care for them just as our mothers and therefore, we must always ensure that they are well taken care of. In today’s day and time, it is not possible to personally look after them but one can surely contribute to those who are taking care of them with great affection.

Especially in these times of turmoil when no one is able to come and personally donate for them, we at ISKCON Vrindavan are offering to collect donations on this online portal for the purpose of ensuring the welfare of hundreds of cows that are being cared for in the ISKCON Vrindavan Goshala. By thus making good use of one’s money in the service of the cows, one is sure to be blessed with great happiness and prosperity, for in the Cow reside all the demigods and by pleasing her, all are automatically pleased.

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