H.H. Gunagrahi Goswami Samadhi installation

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Today, in the Vaishnav Samadhi area in the Bhaktivedanta Swami Goshala, the Samadhi of H.H. Gunagrahi Goswami Maharaj was inaugurated amidst kirtan and glorification. A mangal ghat was established and Sri Sri Guru, Gauranga and Krishna were worshiped, thus invoking auspiciousness. After kirtan and a small puja, Rajbhog Mahaprasad of the deities was offered to Maharaj and the present senior devotees glorified and remembered their good times in the association of Maharaj. After the offering and glorification, Guru puja was performed and the Guruvashtakam was sung by all the assembles vaishnavas. The program was concluded by distributing the prasad to the assembles devotees.