‘Hari’ bole’ modera gaura elo

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After his return from Gaya, everyday was a day spent in transcendental ecstasy in Krishna prem along with his associates. Sachinandan Gaurahari not only relished the holy names himself but also freely distributed them to all the residents of Nadia. The tumultuous kirtan performed by the Lord completely drowned the whole world in an ocean of transcendental bliss. The demigods showered flowers from the sky and jubilantly glorified the sankirtan of the Lord. Going from house to house, ghat to ghat, and village to village, Gaurahari spread the Hare Krishna Mahamantra throughout the surrounding area and instilled pure love of Godhead in the hearts of all the jivas. Submerged in the nectar of the holy names, everyone forgot the miseries of the material world and became fully absorbed in prema. Seeing the extraordinary scene of the Lord’s Sankirtan, all the atheists ran away in fear, their hearts shattering. In this way, the Lord, fulfilling his purpose of appearing in this age of Kali to deliver the fallen conditioned souls, freely distributed Krishna prema and Krishna naam to one and all. The Lords wonderful sankirtan activities in Nawadwip have been beautifully described by Srila Bhkati Vinod Thakur in the following Bhajan:

‘hari’ bole’ modera gaura elo

Our Lord Gaura came chanting “Hari! Hari!”


elo re gaurāńga-cānda preme elothelo

nitāi-adwaita-sańge godrume paśilo

Lord Gauranga-canda came looking very disheveled, as if mad, due to ecstatic love of God, and along with Lord Nityananda and Advaita Acarya, He entered the land of Godruma.


sańkīrtana-rase mete nām bilāilo

nāmera hāṭe ese preme jagat bhāsāilo

Deeply absorbed in the intoxicating mellows of sankirtan, He distributed the holy name. Having come to the Marketplace of the Holy Name, He caused the whole universe to swim in ecstatic love of God.


godruma-bāsīr āj duḥkha dūre gelo

bhakta-vṛnda-sańge āsi’ hāṭa jāgāilo

Today all the miseries of the residents of Godruma-dvipa have gone far away, for Lord Gauranga, having come here along with all His devotees, caused the Marketplace of the Holy Name to appear here in Godruma.

nadīyā bhramite gorā elo nāmer hāṭe

gaura elo hāṭe, sańge nitāi elo hāṭe

Wandering all over the land of Nadiya, Lord Gaura came to the Marketplace of the Holy Name. Lord Gaura came to the Marketplace along with Nitai.

nāce mātoyārā nitāi godrumera māṭhe

jagat mātāy nitāi premera mālasāṭe

Maddened with ecstasy, Lord Nityananda dances in the fields of Godruma. Due to ecstatic love of God, He moves His powerful arms like a challenging wrestler and thus overwhelms the universe in ecstasy.


(torā dekhe’ jā’ re)

adwaitādi bhakta-vṛnda nāce ghāṭe ghāṭe

palāya duranta kali poḍiyā bibhrāṭe

(Oh, all of you please go and see!) The Vaisnavas headed by Advaita Acarya are dancing along the banks of the Ganga from one bathing ghat to the next! At such a sight as this, the wicked personality Kali falls into great danger and thus runs for his life.


ki sukhe bhāsilo jīva gorācānder nāṭe

dekhiyā śuniyā pāṣaṇḍīr buka phāṭe

In what indescribable happiness did all living beings swim while Lord Gauracandra was dancing? By seeing and hearing of such pastimes, the hearts of the atheists break.