Hari he doyal mor

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hari he doyāl mor jaya rādhā-nāth
bāro bāro ei-bāro loho nija sāth

O Hari! O my merciful Lord! All glories to You, O Lord of Radha! Again and again I have pleaded with You, and now I beg You yet again to accept me as Your own.

bahu yoni bhrami’ nātha! loinu śaraṇ
nija-guṇe kṛpā koro’ adhama-tāraṇ

 O Lord! Hopelessly taking birth over and over, I have now come to You for refuge. Please show Your merciful nature and deliver this wretched soul.

jagata-kāraṇa tumi jagata-jīvan
tomā chāḍā kār nāhi he rādhā-ramaṇ

You are the cause of the universe, and its very life. Other than You, O lover of Radha, there is no shelter.

bhuvana-mańgala tumi bhuvaner pati
tumi upekhile nātha, ki hoibe gati

You bring about auspiciousness for the world, and You are the master of all the worlds as well. O Lord, what will become of me if You forsake me?

bhāviyā dekhinu ei jagata-mājhāre
tomā binā keho nāhi e dāse uddhāre

I have understood, after contemplating my predicament, that within this world there is no one who can deliver this servant but You.