Hasya Rasa

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Nandanandana, the dear son of Maharaj Nanda and Yashoda maiya, is the reservoir of all transcendnetal rasa and is expert in enjoying all the various kinds of humours. The great acharyas have mentioned 7 gauna or secondary rasas, namely veer rasa (chivalry), karunya rasa (sadness or compassion), adbhuta rasa (astonishment or wonder), hasya rasa (laughter), bhayanaka rasa (fearful or scary), bhibhatsa rasa (disgust) and raudra rasa (anger). Being expert at tasting these different mellows, he performs various pastimes to relish the different rasas, especially hasya rasa, veer rasa and others. Similarly, the eternal associates of the Shyam are equally expert at making the pastimes relishable by adding these rasas. One such beautiful pastime is as follows.

Once, Krishna, the naughty little son of Yashoda devi, decided to play a prank on one of the servants in Nanda bhawan. Seeing Jarati, an old maidservant, he went to her and jokingly said, ‘ My dear Jarati, the skin on your face is now slackened and so your face exactly resembles that of a monkey. Therefore, the King of the monkeys, Balimukha, has selected you as his worthy wife.’ Saying thus, Krishna and his assembled friends broke into splits of laughter. Hearing Krishna’s teasing words, Jarita immediately replied, ‘ My dear Krishna, I am well aware that the king of the monkeys is desirous of marrying me. But what can I do, I have already taken shelter of the Prince of Vraja, Sri Krishna, the killer of many powerful demons and the protector of the residents of Vraja. Therefore, I have decided to marry Sri Krishna alone, instead of the king of the monkeys.’ Hearing her witty reply, all the cowherd Gopis present there started heartily laughing and clapping their hands in great merriment.

In this way, not only Sri Krishna but all of his eternal associates are also expert at giving witty replies and relishing hasya rasa or the ecstasy of laughter.