Help the Hungry

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Having full faith that Sri Krishna will always provide for them, many sadhus in Vrindavan make no endeavours to save resources for difficult times like this. Sri Krishna himself says that he carry’s what his devotees lack and it is without doubt that he is ensuring the welfare of all his bhaktas. However, the Lord does not necessarily personally come and deliver the required ingredients for the devotees to maintain their lives, rather he arranges for this threw the medium of other Vaishnavas who have been blessed by the Lord with sufficient resources.

We at ISKCON Vrindavan, a spiritual organisation for the cultivation of Krishna Conciousness, are attempting to provide everyone an opportunity to serve these selfless saintly people by donating for FOOD FOR LIFE, so that we may serve nutritious sanctified food to all these devotees. With the finances we receive for this cause, we shall ensure that all the devoted residents of Vrindavan who are depending solely on the mercy of the Lord and his devotees, may be able to continue with their spiritual practices without any concerns about physical subsistence. We therefore request all the kind and godly people to come forward for this auspicious cause of serving prasad to the simple vaishnavas in Vrindavan.


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