Holi in Vraja

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With the end of the winter season and the arrival of Spring — the king of all seasons — the trees and creepers in Vraja started blooming with fragrant flowers, the sweet fragrance of which maddened the bumblebees and honeybees, who hovered over the flowers and hummed in ecstasy. The cool breezes made the creepers dance. Those creepers smiled, flowers bloomed on them and they made beautiful hand gestures with their fresh leaves. Seeing the beauty of the Spring season, Sri Krsna and his beloved gopi friends desired to play the wonderful Holi festival. 

Understanding the hearts of Sri Krsna and his beloveds, Srimati Vrnda devi made all the arrangements for the blissful festival. An expert singer from the heavenly planets came, along with the personification of Vasant ragand the various notes such as Shadaj, Rishabh, Gandhar and so on. All these divine damsels started singing appropriate songs to arouse amorous desires in the hearts of Sri Krsna and his beloved gopis. 

Being enlivened by the beautiful singing and the music of sitars, veenas, flutes and other instruments, Sri Krsna, garbed in fine yellow cloths, dazzling jewellery and a white turban decorated with peacock feathers and flowers, commenced the festivities by throwing balls of fine, fragrant colorful powders on Srimati Radhika and the sakhis. Counteracting the blows of Syamasundara, the sakhis surrounded him from all directions and covered him in colored pigments. The balls of fragrant color, made of kumkum, camphor and other natural pigments, that the sakhis were throwing were covered by a thin layer of covering that was so delicate that it would explode in the air and the powdered color would spread in all directions, making the sky appear pink and red. Both the groups then started splashing colored fragrant water on each other with syringes, thus drenching everyone in Holi water and ecstatic bliss. The war of Holi between Sri Krsna and the gopis lasted for a long time and no one was victorious. Sri Krsna sat down as if to take a break from the battle of colors. Upon seeing him sitting down, Srimati Radhika wiped the color and drops of perspiration from His forehead. With the indication of her eyes, she directed other sakhis to fan Krsna and perform various other services, thus giving great pleasure to Lila-nidhi Sri Krsna. The youthful divine couple of Vraja thus enjoyed the blissful festival of colors, Holi.