Iskcon Vrindavan Youth Forum preaching program

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The Iskcon Vrindavan Youth Forum(IYF), a wonderful group of devotees preaching the Krishna consciousness movement to the younger generation of Vraja, are organizing numerous inspirational spiritual programs in the various schools in and around Vrindavan. The importance of preaching to the younger generation cannot be overstated as they are the future of the world and a Krishna conscious younger generation can lead the entire society to a better future.

The team of IYF recently organized a 5 day program in one of the schools in the village of Chaumuhan, about 9 kms from Iskcon Vrindavan temple. The devotees introduced the students to the chanting of the holy names of the Lord, told them about the Krishna consciousness movement and distributed Bhagavad Gitas to all the students. The students all showed great interest and enthusiastically participated in the program.

The endeavors of the IYF team are greatly appreciated by all and we request the vaishnavas to send their blessings, support and encouragement to the IYF team so that they may be able to continue their great preaching service, which is the heart and soul of the Krishna consciousness movement.