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Youth, when they grow up as ethical and hardworking adults, are the future backbone of any society. For a happy and peaceful society in the future, the youth need to be guided properly. They are influenced by the surrounding environment, consisting of friends, teachers and elders who teach, guide and advise them. What they dream to be in future, they strive to achieve in the later part of their lives. So in the youth stage, they need to be carefully moulded to learn good habits, receive the right education and also the right entertainment, so as to enjoy their present life as youth and future life of being responsible and contributing citizens. By any chance, if they become attracted to wrong and unhealthy practices or influenced by bad habits, they will inevitably lead horrible life.

For these reasons, the youth need to be dealt with very carefully. Their minds are always actively searching for a target for them to achieve and enjoy.

 Like all of us, they will only become happy peaceful when they become Krishna conscious. All problems will be solved. . Learning, teaching, singing, dancing, chanting, preaching, hearing – — any activity will be a source of joy when it is performed while remembering Krsna. If the youth are made to understand the concept of a truly Joyful Life and adopt this type of life, they will never be disappointed.

For these reasons, we at Iskcon Youth Forum (IYF) strive  hard to encourage the children, teenagers and youth to understand the basic principles of Krsna Consciousness as taught by Srila Prabhuapada. IYF Vrindavan conducts Sunday programs at the temple and also house programs. They arrange short courses on Bhagavad-gita and Srimad-Bhagavatam at schools and colleges, as well as summer  and winter camps at the temple etc. We also have the special Srimad-Bhagavatam program, in which we distribute that most sacred of scriptures to college libraries. We have covered more than 90 schools and colleges in the above programs, in Vrindavan & Mathura. 

SB distribution at Vidyapeet Inter College, Vrindavan
Bhagavad Gita Program at Sanskar Public School, Mathura
IYF House Program
Temple Program