Iskcon Youth Forum, Vrindavan June 2019

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In the Bhagwat gita, Sri Krishna himself says Na ca tasmān manuṣyeṣu kaścin me priya-kṛttamaḥ, there is no servant dearer to me than he, who explains the supreme secret of devotional service, and there shall never be one more dear to me. The supreme Lord Himself has, in this verse, stressed on the importance of propagating Krishna consciousness for the welfare of the general populace, as it is only in one’s constitutional position as the servant of the Lord that one can experience true bliss. This most magnificent service of preaching amongst the younger generation in Sri Krishna Balaram Mandir is being performed by H.G. Sureshwar prabhu and H.G. Chaitanya rupini mataji, who are conducting regular Sunday programs, programs for school children and other such enthusiastic programs, engaging the youth in the community and the youth in various schools in the chanting of the holy names of the Lord and in other spiritual practices. Just as a plant grows into a tree with regular watering and care, similarly with their sincere endeavours and regular cultivation, many of the children attending the youth programs have started chanting 16 rounds every day, while simultaneously not only continuing but also excelling in their academics. Chanchal and Laxmi, two remarkable young girls participating in the youth program have topped their schools, Sandipani Muni School and Dhanuka School respectively, in their 10th board exams, while dedicatedly chanting 16 rounds daily. Suma, Neelima, Rani, Lalit and Krishna Rani are other students from various schools, who while chanting a fixed number of rounds with firm determination have also topped their respective classes in their schools. Being positively cultivated by being engaged in kirtan and other group activities to nourish their spiritual growth, these girls enthusiastically participate in Krishna conscious events and are inclined to wear devotional dresses rather than clothing which are otherwise popular among the young generation in today’s day and time. Being the future of the movement and the society in general, these young children, if given the right sanskar and principles, can further propagate the message of the Lord, spreading the Hare Krishna Mahamantra, thus taking forth the legacy of Srila Prabhupad. And this invaluable service is being done with full enthusiasm and great results by the Iskcon Vrindavan youth forum.