IYF Preaching programs in the month of January

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The wonderful preaching activities of Iskcon Youth Forum Vrindavan are going on in full swing even in this extremely cold weather and despite the inconveniences caused by the Corona virus restrictions in the schools. Spearheaded by Sureshwar Prabhu, the IYF team visits the different schools in the various villages of Vraja and inspires the principals to organize five day short courses on the Bhagavad Gita. These short courses give the students an insight into the rich and transcendental Sanatan Dharma, the intrinsic nature of all the living entities, which is to serve with love and devotion the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

Among the numerous programs organized by the IYF team in the month of January were, a five day short course on Bhagavad Gita at Deen Dayal inter college in Adig Village, Govardhan from the 12th till the 18th of January, a five day short course on Bhagavad Gita at Kosi Khurd Inter college Sirsa Village Bharatpur road, Mathura from the 21st till the 25th of January and a Republic day program at Deen Dayal inter college Adig village govardhan on the 26th of January.  These programs typically include Bhagavad Gita distribution, Kirtan, discourses on the Bhagavad Philosophy, Prasadam distribution and certification of participation in the program. The last day of the course is usually graced by one of the senior devotees from Iskcon Vrindavan like the Temple president H.G. Panchagauda Prabhu, Daivishakti Mataji, Sanak Santan Prabhu and others.

These programs are also greatly appreciated by the teachers and principals of the schools as they can see their students being imbued with spiritual knowledge and are therefore very supportive. The students also enthusiastically participate and take great interest in the programs. We pray that these efforts by the IYF team are pleasing to Srila Prabhupad and he continues to bestow his mercy upon the devotees endeavoring so hard to preach the mission of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. We also request all the devotees to send their blessings and well wishes so that these wonderful school programs carry on with the same spirit. Anyone willing to assist in or know more about the programs conducted by the IYF Vrindavan team can write to us at info@iskconvrindavan.com.