IYF September 2019

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Jive doya, Nama Ruchi and Vaishnava seva are said to be three major qualities seen in the vaishnavas, and those aspiring to become Vaishnavas in the true sense must surely endeavour to imbibe these super excellent traits in their personalities. When speaking of Jive doya, the great acharyas in our line have explained that true jive doya, or mercy towards the living souls, is the spreading of the Holy names of Krishna. Philanthropic work like opening of Schools, Hospitals, and other such beneficial organisations are no doubt praise worthy, but when considering the matter closely, one can understand that these acts of service are only helping the body of the embodied living entity, which is like an external dress and is surely to be given up one day. Therefore, this is not true jive doye, for saving or facilitating just the dress of a person cannot be considered as a service to the person himself. The living entity in the conditioned state of life goes through all sorts of miseries on account of being subjected to the three moods of material nature. In this pitiable condition, the only true jive doya, or mercy, is introducing the person to the supremely sublime process of Krishna Consciousness, which is the final and eternal solution to all problems of this conditioned life. And this most wonderful service of guiding young children towards their ultimate good fortune is being performed by the Iskcon Youth Forum, expertly headed by Sureshwar Prabhu and Chaitanya Rupini Mataji. In the month of September, they organised Japa sessions for the youth of the community as well as for students from some of the schools. Encouraging the youth, H.G. Panchagauda Prabhu spoke about how the youth and children were very dear to Srila Prabhupad and how he always showed concern for their good Krishna Conscious upbringing. His talk was followed by a few encouraging words by H.G. Shastra Prabhu. As a part of the Holy name week, IYF organised a 5-day program named Magical Mahamantra in which the students from the Sandipani Muni school were first taken for darshan followed by prasad and the Magical Mahamantra program consisting of inspiring talks by senior devotees, japa and gifts. H.G. Panchagauda Prabhu, H.G. Gaur Purnima Mataji, H.G. Smarahari Prabhu, H.G. Radhakund Mataji, and H.G. Saurabh Prabhu kindly gave discourses to the assembled students during this program. IYF also organised a prize distribution program in the Campus of the Sandipani Muni School for the students who had participated in the Short Courses on Bhagawat Gita/Bhagwatam Shlokas during the month of August. In this way, the IYF team is truly performing Jive doya, helping these children to take to the path of Krishna Consciousness, which shall bestow ultimate good fortune upon them and free them from all miseries.